Contiene la mayoría de los videos editados por Faith No More en su carrera (faltan Ricochet y Another Body Murdered) y algunos más en vivo.

1. "Midlife Crisis"
2. "Epic"
3. "Falling to Pieces"
4. "Anne's Song"
5. "We Care a Lot"
6. "Surprise! You're Dead!"
7. "From out of Nowhere"
8. "A Small Victory"
9. "Everything's Ruined"
10. "Caffeine" (Live on Hangin With MTV)
11. "Easy"
12. "Digging the Grave"
13. "Evidence"
14. "Stripsearch"
15. "Last Cup of Sorrow"
16. "Ashes to Ashes"
17. "I Started a Joke"
18. "This Guy's In Love With You"