Cada uno de los seis discos de ‘Perception’, producido por los miembros vivos de The Doors Ray Manzarek, John Densmore y Robby Krieger, junto con el ingeniero de sonido de los discos originales Bruce Botnick, está remasterizado y viene acompañado de temas extra, muchos de ellos inéditos.
Entre esos temas hasta ahora desconocidos sobresalen ‘Push Push’, ‘Don’t go no further’ y ‘Orange County Suite’ además de versiones alternativas de clásicos como ‘Love me two times’, ‘People are strange’, ‘Touch me’, ‘Roadhouse blues’ o una versión épica de 17 minutos de ‘Celebration of the Lizard’.
Los DVDs, por su parte, incluyen el álbum en Sonido Surround 5.1, dos vídeos, galería de fotos, letras y discografía. En los vídeos hay canciones en directo de actuaciones televisivas, ensayos y clips promocionales.
La caja esta diseñada como una puerta que al abrirse da acceso a los discos en ‘digipack’. El frontal contiene una mirilla con una rueda de imágenes que se puede girar para ver fotos del grupo.

The Doors (DVD-1)
Debut album includes some of my favorite tracks The Crystal Ship, Light My Fire and The End. Also 3 bonus tracks. 2 versions of Moonlight Drive. The 2nd version was previously unissued. Matter of fact version 2 of Moonlight Drive reminds me a little of Alabama Song. 3rd previously unissued track is Indian Summer which is on Morrison Hotel CD. This is a sort of acoustic song that shows off Jim vocals. Videos include Break On Through, which is on Dance On Fire DVD. The End is from The Soundstage Performances DVD Toronto performance, 1967

Strange Days (DVD-2)
one of my favorite Doors albums has my all time favorite track When The Music's Over . The bonus tracks comes w/ People Are Strange false starts & in studio talking. It's John Densmore talking to producer Paul Rothchild. This is only about a minute long so it's no alternative version of the song just the talking before they start.
The other bonus track is Love Me Two Times which is listed as Take 3. I really couldn't hear a difference.
The videos include Love Me Two Times and When The Music's Over both from Europe Concert, 1968. These are on The Soundstage Performances DVD.

Waiting For The Sun (DVD-3)
has 5 bonus tracks. Albinoni's Adiago In G Minor an instrumental that was included in American Prayer lp. Not To Touch The Earth has a minute of dialogue w/ Jim. If only a minute long it was interesting hearing Jim goofing around.
Then you have 2 more takes of Not To Touch The Earth. Take 1 time is 4:22 as Take 2 is 3:58.
A 17 minute poem of Celebration of The Lizard which was printed inside the album cover. This is noted as "work in progress" there are some lines that are not in the printed version of the album.
Videos in Spanish Caravan from Live Hollywood Bowl, 1968 from the DVD of the same name.
The Unknown Soldier is the performance from The Soundstage Performances DVD.

The Soft Parade (DVD-4)
The Soft Parade is my fav song from this album. The 6 bonus tracks are Who Scared You that is on Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine album. Good song btw. 2 versions of Whiskey, Mystics And Men, a very good tune. Push Push is more of an instrumental reminds me of Vince Guaraldi (Charlie Brown song) w/ the only chorus of the band singing repetitively "Push Push"
They list 2 versions of Touch Me but really version 1 is just 27 seconds of talking in the studio. It's maybe Paul Rothchild producer talking to John Densmore about the positioning of the snare drum mic.
Videos include Soft Parade and Touch Me both from Soundstage Performance DVD.

Morrison Hotel (DVD-5)
Is The Doors going back to basics w/ bluesy tunes. One of the biggest hits was Roadhouse Blues. Another good tune I like is Queen of The Highway. Now for bonus tracks I would say this is the best CD that included 10 bonus tracks. 3 versions of Roadhouse Blues which Jim starts off w/ Money Beats Soul poem. There is also a funny line on Peace Frog w/ a false start. It seems the band is dragging before Jim sings. Jim says to the band "Boy you guys sound like a drunken cripple walking up a flight of stairs, man...drunken flight of stairs". A jazzy version of Queen of The Highway which I find interesting for an alternative sound.
2 videos from Dance On Fire DVD are Roudhouse Blues and Wild Child.

L.A. Woman (DVD-6)
Final album of The Doors w/ Jim that includes my all time favorite "Riders On The Storm." The bonus tracks are only 2 compared to previous CD this is pretty dismal. You have Orange County Suite a song about Jim's girl Pamela. I know Jim pitched this to The Doors but they passed on it a number of times. To tell the truth it's very good song. This was also on The Doors Boxset. The other track is (You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further which is on Weird Scenes In The Goldmine album.
Videos include The Changeling that was edited from the Soft Parade DVD..The second video is Crawling King Snake which I haven't seen before footage. This is from 1971, The Doors rehearsal space filmed for Australian TV. It was a very cool performance I would like to know more about this TV appearance.